Expensive Taxidermy

Poor nose texture and coloring.

Expensive taxidermy is when you choose the cheapest taxidermist and then have to bring

Skin around eye is bulging and cracked. Coloring is off. Lacking depth.

the mount to us to fix it. In other words getting what you pay for.

This is a picture of one of our clients deer mounts that another taxidermist did for him. (we had already cut the rack off to remount) Our client was deeply disappointed with the quality of the work. Notice the nose and eyes. Neither the eyes and nose look “real”. The eyes are bulging and the nose texture is well… terrible. The cape was puckered and the ears where “drummed” (pulled apart).
I understand that money is tight these days but when you have to pay twice to get a deer mounted that adds up. Plus the client had to buy a spare cape. A  cheap $300.00 mount just turned into a $775.00 mount and a lot of frustration.
Choose your taxidermist wisely not based on price.
Questions to ask.
1. How long in business?
2. Where did you learn taxidermy? (many learn from videos on the Internet)
3. Do you have work on display? Don’t just look at the display models asks to see other customers mounts also.
I’m pleased to say that our client is thrilled with the quality of our work and will never use another taxidermist again.
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