Hunters new ride!

I think hunters should try a new mode of transportation to their hunting spots. They need to try a bicycle! Yes, a bicycle!

I love to bike. I tend to ride on trails that wind through the countryside. It amazes me how many animals I can sneak up on! It’s like I’m invisable and soundless on a bike. I have had many close encounters with squirrels, squinnys, cats, foxes and a bobcat.

Riding up close to a bobcat was incredible! She was beautiful and completely unaware of me as I approached. By the time she saw me I was very close. She panicked and ran down the bike trail instead of hiding in the brush. Amazing, you couldn’t do that on a 4-wheeler!

The funniest encounter I had was with a cat. The cat jump with all four feet straight up and then didn’t know which way to run.

Can you imagine stalking a turkey or a deer from a bicycle?

Say no to 4-wheeler and yes to Bicycles! Photo by Brittany Scovel

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