It just feels good!

My family and a few friends put together a fundraising banquet yearly for Whitetails Unlimited. We just wrapped up our 4th year.

My family volunteering

We started this banquet to promote outdoor sports, hobbies and conservation of our beloved Whitetail Deer. A lot of schools and families don’t or can’t provided the experience of some outdoor sports/hobbies. The reason varies as to why the experiences can’t be provided such as money, time, schedules, land, equipment, transportation, and knowledge. The sports we support in particular are archery, fishing, hunting, and trap shooting but definitely not opposed to others we just can’t do them all.

I will admit this is a huge project. It takes a lot of time, heart, more time and passion to put together a banquet like we do. Every year I think “what did I get myself into?” and every year when we pass out the checks to support various projects I remember why I got myself into this. I got into “this” to see the smiles on kids faces when they release their first arrow or to see the financial burden lifted off the leaders of these sports.

It was never a dream of mine to fundraise or even a thought I tossed around until one night I was sitting at another fundraiser banquet. I wondered why there wasn’t a fundraiser for the outdoor sports/conservation we have experience with. The next day I did a little research and found the organization Whitetails Unlimited, but no one wanted to host a banquet in my community. For some unknown reason I was compelled to be that person.

Fundraising has it’s positive and negatives but the positive always wins out! I fund-raise because it feels good!  I’m proud of what we accomplish and the projects and organizations we support!



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  1. Kim
    Posted March 24, 2014 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

    Kudos!!! I host an annual Scrapbooking fundraiser for local families in Osceola, it IS a big task, lots of time & heart, but I can’t imagine not doing it every year! Keep it up!!

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