Just a Dream

My dream is to have a store front for Scovel Taxidermy. I picture a building in town on a major highway. The space will house a show room to display all our artwork proudly. There will be office space for me with a door! Currently I have a desk in my dining room. There would be a huge work room and a walk in freezer. Lots of lights and space to work. Outside of the building a large sign stating proudly that Scovel Taxidermy resides inside. Along with business hours posted on a door I can lock drive away from
Business hours, now this is a tough one for our line of work. We have to be flexible given the nature of our work. So we would still need to be available by appointment in addition to regular business hours. What I would be excited about is leaving work and coming home. To have work and home separated would be wonderful! Currently our business is in our converted garage. Which leads me to the other advantage of having a garage again.
In my dream business would continue to grow but at a even faster rate. Everyone would know about Scovel Taxidermy. We would be the leaders in the industry since no other local taxidermist has a store front.
Unfortunely my dreams comes with a high expense and yearly overhead. I would have to observe these posted hours instead of being able to leave and run an errand or spend the day with my kids. More business would lead us to employees , less time and more headaches.
Maybe someday…….

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