Dermestid Beetles

Bug only please!

We clean skulls using beetles. We are quite fond of our friends and work HARD to maintain them. The amount of time and money we put into bugs is a story in itself. We offer a full service beetle clean skull to our customers. Full service means; prepped, bugged, degreased and whitened. What you take home is a sanitized museum quality skull mount. You can display anywhere in your home.

We have been getting calls from let’s call them “Do it yourselfers” or DIY recently. All they want us to do is bug them. Sounds simple right? Most of the time what they bring me is a dried up or a smelly mess. I then have to prepare this mess for my precious bugs. Our bugs prefer fresh food not jerky, and they prefer not to share food with maggots. By this time I wished I had told them no!

The other [ ]

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My bug shed is NOT a hotel!!

My bug shed sometimes receives unwanted visitors. Currently knats/flys are trying to take up residency with my Dermestid beetles. Although they are not harmful to the dermestid, they do annoy them. I have taken away all food. I also have added fly strips and knat trap (pictured on the right). I’m guessing the knats are wanting in because of the lower temperatures outside. Inside the bug shed is a toasty 84 degrees and the menu is wild boar.

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High temp/low humidity

The change in the outdoor temperature recently keeps on me on high alert. My bugs prefer high temperature but low humidity. Just when I get the right balance inside the bug shed, the outside temps change. When the balnce is not correct my bugs risk getting mites or they’re not as hungary. The mites are an irritate for the beetles. When the beetles are irritated or cold they lose interest in doing their job……eating! When the temp is too high the beetles prefer to fly, harder for me to keep them contained. My goal daily is to keep my bug happy and healthy, which is not a easy job some days.

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