Bug only please!

We clean skulls using beetles. We are quite fond of our friends and work HARD to maintain them. The amount of time and money we put into bugs is a story in itself. We offer a full service beetle clean skull to our customers. Full service means; prepped, bugged, degreased and whitened. What you take home is a sanitized museum quality skull mount. You can display anywhere in your home.

We have been getting calls from let’s call them “Do it yourselfers” or DIY recently. All they want us to do is bug them. Sounds simple right? Most of the time what they bring me is a dried up or a smelly mess. I then have to prepare this mess for my precious bugs. Our bugs prefer fresh food not jerky, and they prefer not to share food with maggots. By this time I wished I had told them no!

The other [ ]

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Hunters new ride!

I think hunters should try a new mode of transportation to their hunting spots. They need to try a bicycle! Yes, a bicycle!

I love to bike. I tend to ride on trails that wind through the countryside. It amazes me how many animals I can sneak up on! It’s like I’m invisable and soundless on a bike. I have had many close encounters with squirrels, squinnys, cats, foxes and a bobcat.

Riding up close to a bobcat was incredible! She was beautiful and completely unaware of me as I approached. By the time she saw me I was very close. She panicked and ran down the bike trail instead of hiding in the brush. Amazing, you couldn’t do that on a 4-wheeler!

The funniest encounter I had was with a cat. The cat jump with all four feet straight up and then didn’t know which way to run.

Can you imagine stalking a [ ]

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