High temp/low humidity

The change in the outdoor temperature recently keeps on me on high alert. My bugs prefer high temperature but low humidity. Just when I get the right balance inside the bug shed, the outside temps change. When the balnce is not correct my bugs risk getting mites or they’re not as hungary. The mites are an irritate for the beetles. When the beetles are irritated or cold they lose interest in doing their job……eating! When the temp is too high the beetles prefer to fly, harder for me to keep them contained. My goal daily is to keep my bug happy and healthy, which is not a easy job some days.

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What to do when you catch a fish thats worth mounting?

Frequently I get calls from fisherman on the lake asking “what do I do to save this fish I want mounted? My best advice is keep it alive as long as possible until you get home. If your fish dies keep it COLD! Measure the length (tip of mouth to the tip of tail). The girth measurement (fattest part of fish) if you want a replica made. When you get home wrap your fish in a wet towel, not newspaper. A wet towel will help keep the scales from sticking. Newspaper is bad these days because of the ink they are using. Make sure all the fins are laying flat against the body. Then slide into a plastic bag, mark and put in the freezer.

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