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Taxidermy is art and the animal is wild.

While I was doing the finishing work on a whitetail today I was reminded that this was once a wild animal and is not perfect. The fur on this particular deer was in bad shape. He must of had a cause of serious itch. He had rubbed his fur in many places. Some places rubbed the fur down to the skin.

Some deer may also have scaring from old wounds and some have fresh wounds.

Then there are the imperfections the hunter inflicts. Bullet holes, drag marks and cutting the cape to short or incorrectly.

Of course the hunter wants his trophy to be perfect. It is my job to take a imperfect wild animal and give the hunter what he wants. This is where art comes into play. I work very hard putting on the animals “makeup” and then spend lots of time “grooming the animal. Most of the time old and [ ]

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Call before you get “lucky”

I used to giggle when I would get a call from a customer wanting a price for taxidermy service before they got the animal. I would think they just jinxed their hunt/trip by assuming they would be successful.

However it’s not a bad idea to have some idea what you want to have done “if” you do get lucky. For instance: I recently had a client call me on his way home from a successful bear hunting trip. He just figured a rug would be the least expensive option. So he had the outfitter cape the bear for a rug. When he called me he found out a nice rug with backing¬†can cost almost as much as a half life size mount. Now he’s wishing he had it caped for a mount instead. Hopefully the cape can be saved for a 1/2 life size.¬†We will have to work out taxidermy magic!

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